Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Getting Leh'ed - Day 4 : Noida-Leh-Noida Bike Trip

Read about our previous day here: Getting Leh'ed - Day 3 : Noida-Leh-Noida Bike Trip

Day 4 - 23rd June, 2015:
Location: Kokhsar, Jispa, Keylong, Sarchu

It rained heavily last night and it was clearly noticeable when we woke up the next day at Kokhsar. A cloudy morning welcomed us.

Rainy Morning

Ready for the day
Today we planned to reach Sarchu and stay there for the night. We started around 10AM from our homestay at Kokhsar. It was going to be a pleasant day as it seemed from the weather.

Morning tea at Kokhsar

Reminds me of song "Tu hai ki nahin..." from Roy movie

The weather was very pleasant and we had some breathtaking views on our way to Keylong.

Ready to summit the top.

Last filling station at Tandi (~80kms from Manali) on Manali Leh highway
Still a long way to go...

Entering the beautiful valley of Keylong
Beautiful tents at Jispa
If you feel Sarchu is far and you feel tired, you can have a pitstop at Jispa or an overnight stay too at Jispa camps.

Darcha Valley
We had to provide identity proof documents at Darcha police checkpoint. Also had some refreshments.

Such violent water streams are quite common in this terrain.
Now begins the tricky part! The roads ahead were full of violent stream and some were so long that it took nearly half an hour for all 6 of us to pass.

Watch us how we crossed this stream near Darcha!

Stop 2 - the second nalla that crossed our way. This one was real tricky and hard.

Ashish toppled off his bike while crossing this stream coming down from under a glacier.

And thats how its done. #Brotherhood
Then we headed towards Suraj Tal and the mighty BaraLacha La.

Completed my 10000th milestone while ascending the Baralacha La.
And then came the another giant, the Baralacha La pass.
We could not get down to click more pics as it was unbearable cold and snow. Out of all the passes in our trip, the Baralacha La was the most tricky and difficult for us to pass.

The locals have setup such shops for travellers to take shelter and dine. Without such shops, we couldn't imagine any such trips possible. This one was after crossing Baralacha La (~4500m above sea level).

Lake near BaraLacha La
That was our stay at Sarchu. We surpassed the tents in anticipation of better accomodation but ended up with this. Nevertheless, its still in the lap of nature.
An interesting and adventure full day comes to an end. But more was ahead for us and we were all set.

Day 5 : Coming Soon!