Thursday, September 23, 2010

i have a dream today...

Long time since I came to jot down something here...!!!
Few days back I read this line somewhere over the internet.
Everyone does have one or more dreams in their eyes. But the fact is how often do you realize that you also need to work upon those dreams to achieve them. Just having one and making no effort in achieving it does not make sense.
Me too, have so many dreams to come true, so many wishes of mine to get fulfilled.
They have become a great source of inspiration in my life. Its like a driving force behind.
I am longing for my dreams to come true. There is much more in my mind to talk about but can't write down everything here...
In the end I would like to quote one thing : "Start working to fulfill your dreams, otherwise some day someone will put you in work to fulfill his dreams..."

You just need to trust yourself to achieve all this.!!! 
TRUST ME, I have a dream... :)