Sunday, September 22, 2013

Too Hard To Handle

Recently one of my best friend's debut novel got released, 'Too Hard To Handle' by Anamika Mishra. At an age of just 23, she has been successful in fulfilling her lifelong wish. I would like to congratulate her on such a big success and wish luck for future endeavours.

It also feels great to be a part of the book and be specially mentioned (Tintin :P ). Thank You Anamika (Tweety) for that. :)

Too Hard To Handle is a fictional love story of a girl, Anushree who happens to be of a carefree and casual attitude until life lands her into some unfavorable situations and her relationship with her fiancee, Vivaan seems to be at stake. How she makes way out of it, is the story inside Too Hard To Handle. Its a story of love, friendship and betrayal.

In such a short time, her novel has reached out to many and being appraised by all. Her writing and choice of words is simple and that is why it directly connects to any reader. It was her childhood dream to publish her novel. She has been an avid reader since then.

She loves to read, write and scribble her diary during leisure hours. A dedicated shopaholic. Bollywood freak. Simple living, high thoughts. A fun loving, happy-go-lucky girl.
God bless :)

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