Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Getting Leh'ed - Day 3 : Noida-Leh-Noida Bike Trip

15 Days, 6 Riders, 2800 KMs.

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Day 3 - 22nd June, 2015:
Location: Manali , Rohtang, Kokhsar

Finally the day arrived when we started for our legendary and most awaited trip - Manali to Leh. We decided to cover this 470KMs distance in 3 days making night halts at Sarchu and Pang. But fate had something different planned for us.

preparing to start

We started on our bikes at 9 AM in the morning. After fuelling the bikes and filling the 5 litre tanks (2 per bike) we headed for Rohtang Pass, our first pitstop-to-be. We decided to have lunch at Marhi (35kms from Manali), a small settlement before the Rohtang Pass. 

Ready to roll

But as soon as we reached Solang valley, the road ahead was closed due to a landslide that just occurred few hours ago. When we reached there, they were on the final stages of clearing. Luckily it didn't take quite long and the road was opened in 30mins. 

Landslide near Manali
After the road was opened for commute, we headed to Rohtang, It had been 11AM and we were getting hungry now. Between Manali and Rohtang, there are many small villages. We kept crossing them one by one when we were around 15kms away from Manali.

Right when we thought we are on our trail to Rohtang, a second unwanted pitstop happened. A flat tyre. Sabir's RE ran into tyre puncture and it was clear that under no circumstances, we are going to make it to Keylong even. 

We called the guy from whom we rented these bikes and he assued to arrive within half an hour with a spare wheel. Till then it was a long wait. we were getting hungry. Me and Gaurav found out a small settlement, actually a house where a housekeeper was preparing his meal for lunch. We bargained with him for a meal for 6 and he was ready to cook us 'khichdi' for our lunch. I went and called others while the bike was getting repaired. 

The guy's hospitality - our khichdi getting prepared

The joy on our faces while our lunch getting cooked.
Meanwhile the punctured wheel got repaired and we started again for Rohtang after the 'khichdi' meal. We crossed Rani Nalla and reached Rohtang in half an hour.
Rani Nalla
crossing Rani Nalla

Lola at Rohtang
Rohtang Pass

Reached Rohtang Pass
Rohtang Pass
The other side of Rohtang Pass

Descending from Rotang Pass towards 

By eve, we reached Kokhsar and planned to stay there for the night. Although the plan was to reach Jispa or Keylong, but the flat tyre delayed us and we decided to stay at Kokhsar.

Got a comfortable accomodation and delicious dinner at a homestay for the night. Dinner especially prepared by our hosts on demand.

Dinner getting prepared

The after dinner selfie with loving hosts.

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