Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Emptiness (really empty!!!)

U must hv heard dis song 'Emptiness' by IITG student, Rohan.
Well, Rohan Rathore was an IIT-Guwahati student who loved a girl named Supriya like anything but he was suffering from cancer. U might hv heard his song already in FB, which is one of the highest shared or liked video of 2010. I also shared it once when it was newly released. But now coming to his story, he was studying in one of the top graduate engineering college, he was handsome but da girl whom he luvd unconditionally never luvd him back. So bad. But worse, he was suffering from Cancer. He wrote a song and dedicated to her, made video of it and the worst happened, he died just after recording the song. Below is his song :

Really sad naaa!!!! The song is so awesome. Runs thru our veins with feeling of luv. It signifies the emptiness left in his loving heart by the girl. Pretty sad story if u ask me. The guy now loved and remembered everyday by millions over facebook and twitter, is no more. i can cry even.


At first i believed for the first time when i heard the song and read about him in youtube and FB. But, second thing i did was, which u nvr do but i always do, searching over google for truth. For my surprise none of the Ex-Guwahati IITians mentioned him. I digged more and found out it’s fake.
Yes, it was a cheap trick for marketing their song. But, who ever did it, did it in right way.  x-(
We Indians are so very emotional and sensitive to luv stories n even more if dey are sad.
Creating a fake profile over FB and promoting the song can be vry easy task nwadays!!!

IIT-G students clarified dat, person wid sch name nvr existed nor his poor sad story. If it ws really true, v wud hv first seen it in headlines or any national news paper. The song is too gud enuf 2 appear in national news channels and papers... :)

So, here are some proofs regarding the fakeness of the owner of this song.


Some links to prove fakeness..........
It seems to me as if another chetan bhagat's story is taking fame now.

So all this leaves us with one thing hovering in our minds... dis Rohan Rathore story is all BULLSHIT
and who ever did all this, with lots of love(love is for the song only) i must say, F U :)