Thursday, February 16, 2012

Phewwwwww..!!! Almost an year passed when I am back on my blog,scribbling. From the roaming streets of Kanpur to the office going road of Chennai, from a common graduate student to a Systems Engineer (if I may quote so..!!! :D ) in an Indian MNC (Infosys), from nowhere to somewhere, life has brought about many changes around. Some adjustable, some acceptable, some, I can say undesirable. 

The past months have all been full of life-events, some to cherish lifelong, some just a spur of the moments. But with each passing day, there was something in store for us to explore. It could be the change of environment, the changing lifestyle and most importantly the change of company of friends. But life should be looked upon as a harsh teacher whose bitter moments can reveal the sweetest of fruits as a lesson. The only difference is how we accept it.

I myself, have been through some personal experiences which always left a solid impression on me and gave me something to extract out of it. It can be considered as 22 odd years where enthusiasm and nostalgia, happiness and sadness, togetherness and loneliness both came hand in hand. 

When happiness galores you from all around, step down and share it with others. May be you'll feel blessed. And when sorrow seems to be never ending, then too, get around with people, you are not the pittiest one alone. 

The bottomline can be stated as "Be content and be happy" . He(God) did not send you on this planet just to add to the ever increasing population. Afterall, the blossomed flower is yet to be plucked by you. :)